tree diseases and the symptoms to watch for

tree diseases and the symptoms to watch for

Lawn Pests That Ruin That Nice, Level Yard Of Yours And How To Turn Things Around

Wesley Perry

Lawns are cultivated patches of earth. There is nothing natural about them at all. In fact, you will never find a patch of perfectly level, flat, bright green, shortly-cut grass lawn in the wild. That is why people spend hours and hours making their yards perfect. When your lawn is less than perfect, and it is full of bumps and divots, you have yard pests too. The following yard pests are causing problems with keeping your yard nice and level. Here is how to turn these issues around and restore your flat, level yard.


Hares are commonly called rabbits, except that hares are the wild cousins of rabbits and will not dig burrows. Instead the females will dig small, shallow holes in the yard where she will create a nest and give birth to her babies. These holes may be the size of an orange, or the size of a basketball. All in all, the hares are responsible for the holes in your yard that will cause you and others to twist or break ankles.

Creating solid enclosures with no way for the hares to get into your yard will prevent the holes. A fence with at least a foot of material buried all along the perimeter will discourage the hares from trying to get into your yard. A landscaping service can then help you plant several flowering plants that hares do not like the smell or the taste of along the fence as an added deterrent.

Voles, Mice, and Rats

If you have ever seen trails in the melted snow in late winter or trails in the grass in your yard in early spring, you know that you have voles, mice, and/or rats. Voles will have multiple crisscross paths through the snow and/or grass. Mice will have similar "tunnels," except that mice have fewer splits off of their tunnels. Rats will leave unmistakably large trails that typically only go back and forth between certain areas.

Still, these trails or "tunnels" tend to leave lumps in the yard that cause you to stumble. Putting out rodent bait and traps for these creatures will help address the problem, but then you will need a landscaper's help to smooth out the lumps/bumps in the yard. Keep baiting, trapping, and killing these pests while the landscaper brings in a bulldozer to push and graze the land flat. Additional soil and possibly even sod will be moved around and installed to create a smoother, nicer-looking lawn.

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tree diseases and the symptoms to watch for

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