tree diseases and the symptoms to watch for

tree diseases and the symptoms to watch for

4 Problems Worth Avoiding by Removing a Young Tree

Wesley Perry

When you look at your landscape, you may find a youthful landscape that will grow with time and become something special. While young trees will grow over time and improve your landscape, you may want to consider removing a growing tree to avoid certain problems.

Brittle Branches

If you know that your kids like to play throughout the backyard and you believe that they will continue doing so for many years, you may not want to worry about a branch falling down and leading to an injury. However, since a young tree will not have large branches or ones that are grown in enough to risk breaking off, you should learn more with a thorough tree inspection. This will determine whether any of your trees are known for brittle branches. Instead of trying to minimize the branch problem later, you can eliminate it with tree removal service.

Messy Debris

Although you may not mind the idea of cleaning up debris throughout the backyard, you should consider tree removal depending on the debris situation. For instance, a tree that drops messy seeds may be worth removing because you may not look forward to the idea of red stains getting all over the pathways throughout your backyard. When the debris is only flowers and leaves, you may not mind putting time into routine cleanup as you get to enjoy a beautiful tree for a while.

Problematic Roots

With a young tree, you should not have to worry about the roots at all. But, as the tree gets closer to maturity, you may notice the roots growing widespread enough to cause problems. An inspection in which you learn about the specific species of each tree will help you determine whether you have any trees that may pose a risk of overgrown and invasive roots down the line. After gathering this information, you can decide whether the risk is great enough that you want to remove a young tree from your landscape before you experience any issues.


If you do not like the idea of dealing with pests throughout your property, you may want to do everything that you can to keep infestations from happening. While you can invest in routine pest control to keep pests away, you may also want to deter them from coming to your yard. This is something that you can do by removing any young trees that are susceptible to several pests.

When you want to avoid landscape issues, you should remove your young trees. Talk to companies such as Rockwood LLC Tree Service to attend to your trees.


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tree diseases and the symptoms to watch for

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