tree diseases and the symptoms to watch for

tree diseases and the symptoms to watch for

3 Reasons To Consider A Tree Care Service

Wesley Perry

Having a lush yard filled with big trees is something that many people dream of, but caring for those trees can be a bit difficult and tricky. Thankfully, there are tree care services available that can help you achieve your dream of a tree-filled property by taking care a few vital tasks for you. Tree care services can trim your trees, diagnose diseases, and remove trees from the property.

Tree Trimming

One of the most important parts of tree care and maintenance is keeping the tree's branches trimmed, especially leading into the winter. If a tree has a lot of branches, then snow can accumulate on those branches and cause the branches to break. This can be a big problem, because the branch and the falling snow could severely injure someone or cause damage to your home. 

You will also want to make sure that you trim your trees when they get to a certain height in order to minimize any potential risks to your home or property. In many cases, when a tree gets too large, there is a chance that the tree can collapse under its own weight. In addition, keeping your tree trimmed to a certain height can decrease the chances that it will be uprooted and damage your home during a major storm.


Having a tree care service look at your trees if you detect any weird smells, cracks, or wilted foliage is a vital part of keeping your trees alive. This is because all of those aforementioned items are signs of rot, disease, or an infestation. 

A tree care service will be able to diagnose the problem with your trees and attempt to treat the issue. For example, certain chemicals may need to be used to drive insects away from the tree, or diseased branches may need to be cut off to prevent the illness from spreading.

Tree Removal

While it may sound odd,tree removal is also a major part of keeping the trees and plants on your property healthy. If a tree is rotting due to a disease, there may not be a way to save the tree. If the disease has spread far enough through the tree, it may need to be removed to keep the disease from spreading to other trees in your yard. 

In addition, if a tree has already died, you will want a tree care service to remove it so that you can either free up the space or plant a new tree. In either case, the tree service will cut down the tree, remove the stump, and transport the debris from your property.

Speak to a tree care service today in order to discuss the many options that they can offer you. A tree service can keep your trees healthy by removing dead or diseased trees, treating diseases, and trimming.


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tree diseases and the symptoms to watch for

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