tree diseases and the symptoms to watch for

tree diseases and the symptoms to watch for

Save Those Stumps -- Turn Tree-Removal Waste Into Beautiful Outdoor Decor

Wesley Perry

Homeowners who have trees removed from their properties often have the tree trunks chipped on site and then hauled away. Rather than waste perfectly good logs, ask your tree-removal team to cut the trunks into 1-2-foot stumps with flat, level tops and bottoms. Use the stumps to create unique landscaping features to enhance your yard.


To create a tree stump candleholder, gather a selection of glass candle votives to sink into the stump, and then use a drill with a boring bit to cut "cups" into the top of the stump. Make the cups slightly larger than the votives. You can sink the votives low enough to make their rims flush with the stump, or allow the votive rims to be slightly elevated.


Tree stumps make excellent stools and tables. A painted-on checkers or chess board turns the stump into a game table. Alternatively, you can add a top to a log table to give it more usable surface, or simply group stumps around an low table you already own. As stools, the stumps are usable just as they are. However, if you're really crafty, consider sewing cushions to make them more comfortable. For an artsier look, strip off the bark and paint the stumps with fun, whimsical designs.

Fairy House

Use wood scraps, natural materials such as moss and pebbles, and perhaps a little bit of paint to turn a stump into a magical fairy house. Create a roof from the wood scraps, bark and moss. Carve away bark to create doors and windows, or remove all the bark and paint these items instead. Use the pebbles and other supplies to add finishing touches.


You have two options for turning your stumps into planters. The first is simply to use them as bases for potted plants, perhaps stripped of bark and painted. The alternative is to carve out some wood from the top of each stump to create a bowl shape. Drill some deep holes into the bottom of the bowl for drainage, and then fill the bowl with potting soil. Add a single plant, or create a miniature garden with a few varieties. This is an excellent way to assemble a small kitchen garden with your favorite herbs.

What better way to get the most value out of your tree removal than to recycle the byproduct of the job into fun and useful decorations for your yard. Although your stump decor should last for years, you can extend its life further by treating it with a wood preservative or sealer. 

If you have trees that need to be removed from your yard, contact a company like Hodgson's Expert Tree Service and see if they can leave some stumps and branches behind for you to work with.


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tree diseases and the symptoms to watch for

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