tree diseases and the symptoms to watch for

tree diseases and the symptoms to watch for

Four Ways You Can Protect Your Trees To Prevent Problems That Require Removal

Wesley Perry

The trees around your home can be very valuable, but just like other areas of your home they need proper care. Part of the maintenance to trees includes trimming them and treating them to grow to be healthy and not be a burden to your home. Some things that you may want to do include trimming dead branches, pruning and treating them for disease and insects. If you want your trees to be a valuable addition to your home, here are four things you should know about caring for your trees:

1. Regular Pruning And Trimming Of Young Trees

The tree around your home need to have annual care. This involves pruning them and keeping a healthy shape for them to grow strong. Pruning is something that should be done in late winter before the weather changes. This process involves cutting off bad growth, unhealthy limbs and shaping the canopy of the tree.

2. Removing Dead Branches And Thinning Canopies In Older Trees

Over time, trees can have large canopies that are filled with dead branches and dense growth. Part of caring for your tree includes removing the dead branches and thinning the canopy. The extra growth in the canopy can be removed to allow more sunlight to come through if you want to have shade plants beneath the tree. It will also promote healthy growth of the tree and prevent disease.

3. Addressing Storm Damage And Emergency Care Needs Of Your Trees

There may be times when your trees become damaged by wind or storms.  This can cause branches to break and other problems with your trees. This is a time when your tree will need to have emergency care. Any of the damaged branches will need to be removed and necessary pruning done to ensure that your tree is healthy.

4. Treating Insects And Disease Before They Become A Problem For Trees

Insects and diseases can be a big problem for many tree species. It is best to treat these problems before they get out of control.  There are products available that can be used to deter insects and help protect your tree from disease. If you notice that any branches or the trunk of a tree is not healthy, you may want to have the problem treated.

These are some of the essential things that need to be done to maintain your trees. If you have any trees that are becoming overgrown or need special attention, contact a professional tree removal specialist to ensure that your trees stay healthy.


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tree diseases and the symptoms to watch for

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