tree diseases and the symptoms to watch for

tree diseases and the symptoms to watch for

How Your Lawn Service Business Can Give Back To Your Community

Wesley Perry

So many businesses today try to give back to their communities when they can. Not only is it kind to help those living in your city or town, it is also a way to raise positive awareness of your business. As a provider of lawn care and tree services, you may be wondering what you can do to give back. Here are some very positive ways you can be both charitable and visible to your hometown.

Join Forces with Local Charities to Provide Free Services to the Elderly and Infirm

Local charities provide food, shelter, clothing, and services to the elderly and infirm. As a joint contributor with a charity, you can help these people take care of their lawns and gardens and support those who cannot do even the most basic of yard tasks anymore. Your free services to these individuals prevents them from all kinds of injuries and pain, e.g., cuts with a chainsaw, slips and falls, crushing injuries from falling trees or branches, etc. It also helps them stay in their own homes longer, continue to live independently and maintain their properties without fear of your city's reprisal or punitive measures, i.e., fees charged by the city's cleanup crew for cutting high and overgrown grass.

Advertise and Offer Lawn Service on a Sliding Scale for Low-Income Families

There is an underserved niche of every community to which you could provide extra help. Many of the working class have extremely long hours at one job or work two jobs to keep their homes. They have very little time for yardwork, and they cannot really afford full-price lawn services to keep up with the city's expectations of property maintenance. You could offer and advertise lawn and tree services on a sliding fee scale that would help out many of these families where you live.

Sponsoring a Sports Team

This is yet another route which many businesses take to give back. Young sports enthusiasts can formulate and register a team, but if they do not have the funds for uniforms, travel, etc., then they cannot compete or play. Sponsoring the entire team allows you to support less-privileged kids and their pursuit of sports while placing your business's name on their uniforms. As a bonus, you could also provide the grass and turf care for the playing field (if it is an outdoor sport, of course). If you would like to speak with a professional lawn service to get more ideas for giving back to your community, consider speaking with a representative from American Lawn and Tree Specialists Inc.


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tree diseases and the symptoms to watch for

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