tree diseases and the symptoms to watch for

tree diseases and the symptoms to watch for

Caring for Your Trees Through the Seasons to Ensure Healthy Growth Every Year

Wesley Perry

Trees can be a very valuable addition to your home, but as with many other plants, they require special care if you want them to be healthy. The care for your trees will vary from season to season and sometimes depends on the species and specific needs. Here are some of the basics of tree care through the seasons to ensure healthy growth year after year: 

  • Winter—is a good time to start with tree care routines like trimming. January is a time of year when the temperatures get low enough to ensure that bacteria, disease, and fungus are inactive. Any major pruning of trees should be done this time of year to ensure your trees are safe from exposure to problems with fungus, disease, and insects. Do not trim the trees in late fall or early winter because this is when fungus is more likely to cause problems.
  • Spring—is a time of year when you will want to start preparing your trees for new growth. During this time of year, you may want to remove any new sprouts that are unfit. It is also a good time to add slow-release fertilizers and other treatments to your trees to ensure they are strong and healthy throughout the long, hot summer months.
  • Summer—can be a time when your trees are vulnerable to problems like droughts and insect infestations. Make sure that your trees are well watered during times of drought, and treat for any pests before they become an infestation. To limit the use of pesticides, you can also use insect traps around trees to keep insect pests controlled.
  • Fall—is a time when your trees are susceptible to fungus and disease. Therefore, you do not want to do unnecessary trimming during this time of year. Autumn can also be a time of year when your trees may be exposed to storms, which may require emergency trimming. Cut broken and severely damaged branches, but try not to do any unnecessary pruning this time of year. To protect open wounds of trees, use clay to cover them, which will allow the tree to steel breath and the wounds to heal.

These are some of the basic tree care needs that are needed throughout the seasons. If you follow these basic rules, you can be sure that you will have healthy trees year after year. When you need help with major trimming and tree care, contact a professional tree service like Todd's Tree Service Inc to ensure your trees stay healthy. 


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tree diseases and the symptoms to watch for

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