tree diseases and the symptoms to watch for

tree diseases and the symptoms to watch for

Do Your Trees Need Trimmed? 3 Reasons To Trim Your Trees

Wesley Perry

The trees on your property provide shade during the hot summer months, but are they also causing damage to your home, or are they putting your home at risk? Here, you'll find a few tips to determine if it's time to get your trees trimmed for your home's safety.

Roof Condition

How long has it been since you've inspected the roof of your home? If your home is positioned under a canopy of trees, you benefit from having lower cooling costs during the summer, but those limbs can cause roofing damage.

Take a trip up to your roof and look for any signs of damage. Damage may consist of torn or lifting shingles or simply moss and algae growing on the surface. If the trees are shading the roofing too much during the day, the roofing material will not get the chance to dry out – this results in rotting materials and moss and algae growth – all of which are terrible for the roofing.

Gutter Messes

Do you have to clean the gutters a few times each year to keep them from filling with tree debris? Well, if you have the trees trimmed back away from the house, you'll have fewer gutter messes to deal with. Allowing the gutters to fill with debris can cause serious damage to the home.

The gutters are meant to carry the water away from your home – when they back up because they're filled with debris, the water runs down the side of your home into the foundation. Another issue is the weight of the filled gutters – if they aren't cleaned out often enough, they may become too heavy for the mounting brackets to securely support them.

Power Line Protection

If you have overhead electrical, telephone and internet wires crossing your property underneath the tree canopy, you will have to closely monitor the growth and deterioration of the tree. If you notice that limbs are hanging close to the wires, it's time to get someone out there to trim the trees. All it will take is one fairly strong storm to cause the branches to pull the wires down, leaving you without power until the damage can be repaired – that's never any fun.

Talk with the tree trimming services near you. They'll help you determine what trees need to be trimmed and identify any potential dangers the trees could be causing to your family and your home.


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tree diseases and the symptoms to watch for

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