tree diseases and the symptoms to watch for

tree diseases and the symptoms to watch for

Answers To Your Questions About Landscape Stumps

Wesley Perry

Tree stumps in the yard shouldn't be ignored, regardless if they are there from planned tree removal or storm breakage. Understanding the issues with stumps and what to do about them is important. 

Will Stumps Decompose Naturally?

Stumps will eventually decompose naturally, but it can take a decade or longer, depending on the size of the stump, the type of tree, and your climate. Fast decomposition isn't typical of any tree stump except for the smallest softwoods that you could probably dig out with a shovel. A decomposing stump is also a nuisance, as it will take up space in your yard.

Do Stumps Cause Lawn Problems?

Another issue with stumps is pests. Although the stump isn't likely to damage the health of your lawn, it can affect the health of your home. Stumps can act as a magnet for termites, which will move onto your home once the stump is gone. They can also provide a burrowing site for animal pests like skunks. Fungal problems, such as mushrooms, may also pop up in the landscaping around the stump as the fungus feeding on the decomposing roots begins to fruit. 

Can You Speed Up Stump Removal?

The best way to speed up the entire process is to schedule stump grinding. A service will bring out a grinder, which features several toothed blades. The grinder is lowered onto the stump, where it grinds it down to sawdust within a short period. By the end of the day, the stump is gone, along with the issues it caused.

Does Grinding Damage the Landscape?

Grinding won't damage your landscape. The machine itself can be pushed onto the lawn with no damages, as long as the ground isn't so wet that it forms ruts easily. The grinder only grinds into the stump, and it doesn't tear a large hole into the landscaping at all. The main concern after grinding is the sawdust and hole left behind where the stump once stood. There will also be some sinking in the lawn surrounding the stump as the larger roots decompose, but this isn't a result of grinding.

How Can the Lawn Be Recovered After Stump Removal?

Many people opt to have the sawdust left in the hole. This provides nutrients and starts to fill in the spot. You can then add more soil to level out the hole before planting sod over the spot. Any settling over the next few years can be filled in with a careful topdressing of compost or topsoil.

Contact a stump grinding service to learn more about stump removal, like Tree Landers.


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tree diseases and the symptoms to watch for

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