tree diseases and the symptoms to watch for

tree diseases and the symptoms to watch for

Six Things You Need To Decide On Before You Have Trees Removed From Your Property

Wesley Perry

Having a potentially hazardous or unsightly tree removed from your property is important. It's also important that you understand that quite a few decisions go along with hiring a tree removal company and scheduling service. 

You need to plan tree removal out carefully and make necessary decisions in advance for the best possible results. The following are six things you need to decide on before you have trees removed from your property. 

Trees to have removed

If there are multiple problem trees on your property, you should get them taken care of all at once for the sake of convenience. This means you should take a look at your entire property and put some thought into which trees you need to have removed.

You don't want to go through the trouble of having tree removal services carried out and realize shortly afterward that there's another tree in your yard that you should have removed. 

Tree removal service to hire for the job

It's never a good idea for homeowners to attempt to remove a tree from their yard themselves. It's best to rely on a tree removal service. Tree removal can be dangerous for those who don't have the proper experience and equipment. 

Stump treatment

When you have a tree removed from your property, you have to decide whether you want the stump to be left behind or removed. The main choice for stump removal is stump grinding.

Stump grinding consists of grinding the stump and any visible roots down. This process will leave a small mound of wood chips in the place where the tree and stump were located. 

Method of securing your property in the meantime

When tree removal services are necessary, a tree is often creating a hazard in a yard. If this is the case in your yard, it's important to secure your property before your tree removal service can arrive to prevent injury.

You might want to put a sign up and simply let everyone know not to come underneath the tree in question to avoid injury. 

Appointment time

Schedule your appointment time carefully. It's best if you're available during your tree removal appointment so that you can answer any questions your tree removal service has as the job progresses. 

Protection needs around the tree(s) in question

When a tree is being removed, it's possible that branches can come loose and fall down. Falling branches can damage other trees and vegetation in your yard. Falling branches can also strike building structures and cause damage.

This makes it important to consider any protection needs around your property that will prevent damage from tree removal work. You might want to discuss this concern with your tree removal service in preparation for your appointment so that they can help you prevent any damage around your yard.   


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tree diseases and the symptoms to watch for

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