tree diseases and the symptoms to watch for

tree diseases and the symptoms to watch for

3 Tips For Having A Tree Removed Before Planting A Garden

Wesley Perry

Having a garden in your yard can be a rewarding hobby and the plants can make a significant difference in the beauty of your property. If you have a tree on your property that's either in bad shape or provides too much shade, you may be eager to have it removed.

If you're interested in having a tree removed before you work on your garden, consider the following tips to ensure it's done correctly and offers the benefits you expect.

Opt for Professional Work 

As you plan to have a tree removed, you've likely begun to research the expected cost. Consider the risks if you've considered going a DIY route or hiring a new contractor to handle the work to cut costs.

Not only can a tree be large enough to potentially damage your home when it's removed, but there could also be a permit required for this scale of a project.

Hiring a professional tree removal contractor with all the credentials for the job can relieve many of your concerns.

Have the Stump Removed 

Check how the stump will be dealt with since you'll want to begin a garden soon after the tree is removed. It can surprise you that some contractors will leave the stump behind, leading to issues where your yard isn't ready for a garden just yet.

One concern with leaving a stump is that it can decay and lead to risks to other plants on your property. Eliminating this risk by having the stump removed simultaneously as the tree removal will ensure that your yard is prepared for a garden.

Prepare Your Yard First

Whether you're going to have a planted garden bed above ground or you plan on having plots set up on the ground, you'll want to check whether your yard is prepared first. It can be frustrating for chopped logs and debris to be left behind by the contractor after the removal. Checking what is involved in clean-up during the removal can allow you to begin your garden much sooner.

Making plans to have a tree removed can make it easy for you to begin a garden and enjoy the difference it makes in your yard. Since hiring a tree removal business can be daunting due to the cost of the project and the scale of the work involved, the above tips can make your search easier and help you know what to ask before beginning the project. 

Contact a tree service to learn more about tree removals.


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tree diseases and the symptoms to watch for

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