tree diseases and the symptoms to watch for

tree diseases and the symptoms to watch for

Messy Trees Worth Having Removed

Wesley Perry

Trees can be beautiful and a nice element of your landscape. But certain trees can also be messy and difficult to clean up after. Some people spend years cleaning up after these trees, wishing they weren't there. Rather than spend all that time, you may actually be better off having the trees removed and replacing them with less messy trees. So, what types of messy trees are worth removing? Here are the top offenders.

Catalpa Trees

Catalpa trees became popular in some areas because people liked their big, white flowers. But what people don't always realize when planting these trees is that once they reach a certain maturity, they start producing big, brown seed pods that fall to the ground. These seed pods are bountiful, and they get everywhere, making a mess of your yard and landscape. If you have a messy catalpa tree, removing it will save you from having to spend every summer sweeping up these bean-shaped pods.

Silver Maple

Tree removal companies remove a lot of silver maples. These big, majestic trees look nice if you encounter them in the forest, but you really don't want one in your yard. They rain down their helicopter seeds on everything. Plus, silver maples have brittle branches, and they drop a lot of branches. These branches may do more than make a mess; they could damage your car or roof. It's easier to have the tree removed before this happens. If you wish, you can plant a red maple in its place. They're sturdier, smaller, and a lot less messy.

Female Ginkgos

Ginkgo trees are stunning with their big, fan-like leaves. If you happen to have a male tree, there's nothing to worry about. But if you have a female gingko, you won't want to keep it around very long. Once female ginkgos reach a certain age, they start dropping big, smelly fruit onto the ground. Some describe the scent of the fruit as rotten or similar to smelly gym socks. Have your female ginkgo removed to avoid a stinky yard. If you wish, you could replace it with a male ginkgo. Buy one from a reputable tree company so you can be sure of its sex.

Don't feel guilty if you choose to have a messy tree removed from your yard. Yes, trees are important for the earth and nice to have around, but there are lots of less problematic trees you can plant in place of female ginkgos, silver maples, and catalpas.

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tree diseases and the symptoms to watch for

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