tree diseases and the symptoms to watch for

tree diseases and the symptoms to watch for

Six Of The Most Effective Treatments Against Gouty Oak Gall

Wesley Perry

Gouty oak gall is a type of insect infestation of vegetation that is caused by wasps. Such an infestation can be extremely damaging if it is not eradicated fairly quickly.

The following are six of the most effective treatments against gouty oak gall.  

Pruning the branches and twigs of your plants and trees

Pruning vegetation that is showing signs of an infestation of gouty oak gall is a good method of restoring the health to your plants. Pruning consists of getting rid of all of the branches and twigs that are showing signs of infestation. This can help to kill gall growths and larvae so that the infestation is eventually completely eradicated.

Improving everyday care of your trees and vegetation

Some types of vegetation may successfully fight off problems resulting from gouty oak gall on their own if they are well cared for. You may be able to get rid of gouty oak gall if you focus on fertilizing and mulching your trees and vegetation in such a way that you are able to maximize health and resistance to infestation. 

Use chemical treatments to get rid of gouty oak gall

For severe gouty oak gall problems, chemical treatments will most likely be necessary. Chemical treatments typically involve injecting affected vegetation with insecticides. These insecticides will often stay within vegetation for several years to come to get rid of and prevent new infestations in the near future. 

Remove galls to ensure that larvae don't cause the condition to spread

Gouty oak gall is visible as gall growths on affected vegetation. This condition appears as tumor-like growths that can be seen on twigs. These growths may have a greenish-brown color.

Finding gall growths and removing them may help to get rid of an infestation. It's important to dispose of gall growths at some distance from your infested vegetation to ensure that larvae won't reinfest your trees and plants. 

Dispose of all fallen leaves that contain the infestation

In addition to keeping gall growths away from your vegetation, you also need to keep any leaves that fall off of infested vegetation far away from your plants and trees. This prevents reinfestation as your vegetation recovers from gouty oak problems. 

Contact a tree service in your area

If you have tried to deal with gouty oak gall on your own without success, you might want to find a tree service in your area to come to your assistance. A tree service may be able to prescribe a treatment regime that will get rid of gouty oak gall once and for all. 


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