tree diseases and the symptoms to watch for

tree diseases and the symptoms to watch for

Do You Have A Dying Tree On Your Yard? Here Is Why You Should Remove It

Wesley Perry

If you love landscaping, chances are you have a few trees in your yard. More so, you understand that trees bring value to your property by cooling down the surroundings, adding privacy, and freshening the air. However, a time comes when they age and become a safety concern. Hence, you will want to remove a tree that has recently passed away to avoid property damage or risk of injuries. That said, removing a tree from your yard is a complex process, and you will want professional help. Here are the top benefits of letting an arborist perform this task. 

For Pest Elimination

It is typical for trees that have passed away to attract insects like bees and wasps. That said, invasive animals such as rats also make their homes in dead trees. So, if you have one sitting in front of your home, it can serve as a temporary home for pests as they wait to access the rest of your home. Hence, having an arborist remove the tree is a good move because the pests will disappear along with it. Otherwise, keeping the tree increases the chances that the pests will multiply and invade your home. 

To Avoid Failed Insurance Claims and Resulting Liabilities

Most people overlook weak, sick, or dead trees because they have homeowners insurance. That said, it is better not to wait for something catastrophic to happen to your yard because you believe the insurer will handle it. Moreover, you may face severe shock to learn that the damage is not in your policy. Even worse, you might suffer damages that even the insurer cannot adequately cover. For example, if a family member gets life-changing injuries or the tree fall leads to a fatality. Hence, call a tree removal company before the situation worsens.  

To Protect Everyone from the Danger of Falling Trees

Dead trees compromise the overall safety of your property. Hence, if you are not keen on their removal, you will endanger your life and your family. Alternatively, healthy trees are firmly rooted in the ground because they have a healthy and functional root system. You should also know that when the tree dies, it is the root system that decays first. Therefore, adverse conditions like heavy rains and winds can easily uproot the tree. With this in mind, you should have an arborist remove the tree before a calamity forces it to collapse on your roof, vehicle, and/or another part of your property. 

These are the top reasons you should consider removing dead trees from your property. Fortunately, tree removal experts have the skills and safety equipment needed for safe and timely removal. As such, they will handle the task without causing any injuries or damage.


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tree diseases and the symptoms to watch for

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