tree diseases and the symptoms to watch for

tree diseases and the symptoms to watch for

Avoid Making These Mistakes When Pruning Your Trees

Wesley Perry

There is nothing that adds beauty and value to a property than trees. Hence, if you have trees in your yard, you are probably also in the market for pruning services. Note that it is best to hire a professional, especially when pruning, to improve the tree's health and beautify your yard. Here are some common mistakes people make when pruning their trees and guidelines to help you avoid them.

Mistaking Trimming for Pruning 

The first mistake people make is using trimming and pruning interchangeably. So, if you attempt to trim your trees when the goal is to prune them, you will get different results. For example, trimming helps improve your landscape's appearance. On the other hand, pruning helps remove any branches that could be sick or damaged. Therefore, it is best to call a tree care expert as they understand the benefit of each service and will focus on your tree's health when it needs pruning.

Topping the Tree

You should hire professionals as they understand their job when pruning your trees. This is because one of the big mistakes most people make with DIY tree care is topping the tree. Note that this involves removing the entire top of the tree. Ultimately, if you make this mistake, you might get a decayed, disease-infected, and weak tree that dies prematurely. Although the person servicing the trees might remove some top branches, they will not leave the tree looking shaven. Besides, there are no height benefits of pruning trees. Hence, most people do it hoping to reduce the height, but they eventually grow back.

Over Pruning the Tree

The other mistake made by amateurs is called lion-tailing. Ultimately, this involves removing too many branches from inside the tree. In this case, most do it thinking they are facilitating the efficient movement of light through the tree. However, this results in a tree with long, slender branches without a healthy volume of twigs and leaves.

Pruning Trees That Are Too Young

It is also common for some people to prune trees that are too young. Note that if you start cutting off parts of your tree before it is old enough to bounce back, you might damage it. Hence, avoid these mistakes by hiring an experienced pruning service provider.

Avoid these mistakes by letting professionals handle your tree pruning. So, speak to experts close to you and check their customer reviews before entrusting them with your trees. This will help you avoid unnecessary trouble and heal your trees so they can serve you for decades.


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tree diseases and the symptoms to watch for

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