tree diseases and the symptoms to watch for

tree diseases and the symptoms to watch for

4 Dangers Of Skipping Palm Tree Maintenance

Wesley Perry

Palm trees are low-maintenance plants that maintain their lush, green appearance all year long in many regions. But this low-maintenance reputation and its often overlooked nature may mean that the palm tree isn't as high on the list for tree trimming services as it should be. Why? Here are a few of the risks you face if you fail to keep up with palm tree maintenance. 

1. Falling Fronds and Debris 

Palms as a group tend to have maintenance done on them when their messy appearance starts to noticeably drag down the landscape. But by the time you get tired of the loose, yellowing, or dead fronds building up, they've already been a falling hazard for some time. 

Palm fronds are heavy, and they can easily damage cars, fences, landscaping, and even passersby. Add to that falling dates and nuts, seed pods, and cases with developing fronds, and the risk grows. 

2. Pest Infestations

There's little that some pests like more than an overgrown tree—especially palms. The growing, undisturbed bulb of the palm is a great home, in particular, for rats and even scorpions. Both species enjoy the shaggy nature of an unkempt palm which hides them while providing comfortable protection. And the more they dig in and reproduce, the larger your problem will become. 

3. Falling Trees in Storms

Most palm trees are hardy in bad weather. Their flexibility lets them survive battering by wind and rain. But this stability deteriorates when the tree is weakened by disease, damage, or infestation. Not only can weak and loose fronds drop, but the entire palm can come down more easily than some other types of tree. Spotting weakened trees isn't very easy for most property owners, especially when the tree has grown tall and mature. 

4. Navigation Hazards

Shorter palms spread out more than most trees and shrubs their size. Their large fronds can easily develop into hazards that block the view of passing cars, bicyclists, and pedestrians. If your palm is planted in an area that blocks certain views of the street or sidewalk, you may even be liable for creating a visual block that contributes to accidents in the area. 

Where to Start

Could your palms be a risk to your property, your family, or your neighbors? Do they harbor unwanted pests? Will they be able to withstand the next storm? Find out by meeting with a local tree trimming service, such as AC Horticultural Management Inc.


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tree diseases and the symptoms to watch for

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