tree diseases and the symptoms to watch for

tree diseases and the symptoms to watch for

Three Reasons To Have Trees Close To Your Home Removed

Wesley Perry

At first, you might think having a tree right next to your home would be nice. It gives you a little glimpse of nature each time you look out the window. However, in reality, having a tree right next to your home is not really a good thing. Between the branches, the roots, and the shade the tree casts, trees next to houses tend to cause more problems than they are worth. In fact, there are some very good reasons to have a tree close to your home removed.  

To protect your roof

Roofers don't like to see trees overhanging roofs. The tree essentially shades the roof, which keeps it from drying off as quickly as it should. After a rainstorm, staying wet for too long can increase the rate of deterioration of the roof. Debris from the tree, paired with this shade and moisture, can also cause moss and algae to grow. If you have the tree next to your home removed, your roof will get more continual sun exposure, which will keep it in better shape over the years. It's often cheaper to remove the tree than it is to have to replace a roof early.

To protect your foundation

To assess another problem with too-close trees, you have to look belowground. Beneath the ground level, your home has a main sewer pipe that carries all of your waste to the public sewer. It also has a main water line, which brings all of the fresh water into your home. Tree roots are attracted to moisture and can grow into these lines—particularly the sewer line. In doing so, they can lead to clogs and backups. It's hard to keep tree root growth at bay without removing the tree. If you have not yet had sewer line problems, it's best to have the tree removed before you do.

To protect your gutters and siding

A tree that is too close to your home can also cause problems for your gutters and siding. The tree may rain debris down into your gutters, clogging them. Then, the water will run over the edges of your gutters and drip down your siding, causing stains and streaks. Instead of continually unclogging your gutters and scrubbing your siding, you can have the tree removed.

Trees look lovely when placed in your yard. However, a tree that is too close to your house should often be removed. Talk to a tree removal company to learn more.


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tree diseases and the symptoms to watch for

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