tree diseases and the symptoms to watch for

tree diseases and the symptoms to watch for

Signs That Your Tree Needs to Go: When It's Time to Call for Tree Removal Service

Wesley Perry

Trees serve a vital environmental role and add aesthetic beauty to your property. However, just like any living organism, trees can wither and die. Sometimes, it's due to disease, pests, or environmental stressors, but whatever the reason, it's important to know when your tree has reached its limit. Learn to recognize the tell-tale signs that your tree can't be saved and when it's time to call a tree removal service.

Decay and Rot

One of the primary signs that your tree is dying is the presence of decay and rot. The presence of mushrooms or conks on the tree's trunk, branches, or base indicates fungal growth that causes decay and rot. If more than half of the tree's trunk is decayed, then it's time to call for a professional tree removal service. Not only does a decaying tree lose its structural integrity, but it also becomes a safety hazard to people and property.

Leaning and Unstable

If the tree is leaning, it may be a sign that it is unstable and about to fall. An unstable tree can be due to root rot or a weakened root system. When a tree is leaning, it can create significant property damage and harm to people. Call a professional tree removal service right away to remove the tree.

Lack of Green and Dead Branches

If your tree shows signs of struggling or dying, greenery will be the first to go. Lack of leaves, brown or discolored leaves, and branches are signs that the tree is dying. If this tree doesn't show signs of green within a few weeks, it's time to call for a professional. Dead branches are another indication that a tree is dying. Dead branches can lead to falling branches that pose a significant safety hazard to your property.

Infestation of pests

Pests, like insects, can damage or even kill trees by consuming bark, leaves, or roots. Even if a tree remains living, the signs of pests aren't always visible. Pests can weaken the tree, making it vulnerable to falling or infection. If you notice an infestation of pests, call a professional tree service to remove the tree.

Risk to Your Property or Neighborhood

When a tree puts your property or the neighborhood in danger, it's time to call your local tree removal service provider for removal. For example, if the tree is blocking access to your driveway or creating a hazard on the sidewalk, you should consider removing the tree.

Trees are a valuable asset, adding beauty and enhancing the environment. However, when a tree becomes a hazard, it's important to remove it to protect people and property. Tree removal services can help you make an informed decision about whether your tree is savable or not. If you notice any warning signs, call a professional tree removal service provider to examine and suggest the best course of action. 


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tree diseases and the symptoms to watch for

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