tree diseases and the symptoms to watch for

tree diseases and the symptoms to watch for

  • The 411 On The Jacaranda Tree

    If you want an attractive landscape design that improves your home's curb appeal and overall value, planting trees is important. Unfortunately, knowing which trees to plant and how to maintain them can be a bit challenging, especially if you lack a green thumb. The jacaranda tree is becoming popular due to its unique look and ease of care. While you may not have heard of this tree, you probably have seen one at least once in your life.

  • 4 FAQs When It Comes To Tree Pruning

    Trees are a great asset to any yard. Not only do they provide shade from the sun, protection from the wind, and a place for birds to live, they are also good for the environment. If you love your trees and want to ensure they stay healthy and live for years to come, the best thing you can do is prune them. To help get you started, here are the answers to four frequently asked questions when it comes to tree pruning.

  • Are Insects Ruining Your Lawn?

    With the coming of spring also comes the greening of the lawn. However, in some cases the lawn may not revive from winter or it may begin to suffer problems as the weather warms. Insects can sometimes be the cause of lawn issues. The following can help you determine if bugs are at the root of your grass problems. Problem: "Rootless" Grass The lawn begins spring looking lovely, but then in late spring or early summer dead spots begin to develop.

  • Want To Hang Holiday Lights? 3 Reasons To Have A Tree Service Professional Stop By

    Hanging holiday lights on your trees outside can make a big Improvement in the way that that your property looks during the holiday season, but it can come with some concerns if you haven't paid much attention to your trees in the past. If you want to make sure that the trees are ready to support the holiday lights and are concerned about the health of your trees, it's a good idea have a tree service professional stop by.

  • How Are Stumps Chemically Removed?

    If you have an unsightly stump on your property that you want to get rid of, then you have several different removal methods that you should consider. One of the easiest and most painless methods involves chemical removal. Keep reading to learn what chemical stump removal is and how you can destroy your stump chemically. What Is Chemical Stump Removal? Chemical stump removers are powder products that contain potassium nitrate. Potassium nitrate is a salt that is found in fertilizers, gun powder, meat preservatives, and fireworks.

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    tree diseases and the symptoms to watch for

    Do you love the trees on your property? Are some of the trees looking as if they are not as healthy as they once were? Do the smaller trees get enough sun to grow tall? Sometimes, trees can develop diseases or become infested with insects that can cause them to die. If you catch these diseases and infestations early, you can oftentimes save the tree, or the surrounding trees. To learn what to look for on your trees, visit my website. There, you will find a long list of diseases and the symptoms to watch for to protect your trees from destruction.